Specifications identified

Specifications identified

Some car owners to identify the significance of the tires on their car is not very clear, following on the side of the tire identification explained. For example: a tire identified as "P 225/65 R 16 89 H", in which:

"P" refers to passenger car tires (to distinguish applicable truck or other vehicle tires).

"225" refers to the tire section width is the width (in millimeters) between the two sidewall. This matches the width of the tire with the rim width varies: with a rim width of the tire width, a narrow rim with narrow tires. Generally marked on the sidewall of the tire width, is when the tire is mounted to the rim width of the recommended time.

"65" is the aspect ratio of the tire, the tire tread width and a high proportion, in this case high tire tread width of 65% share, the smaller the value, the more significant the flat.

"R" refers to the structure of the tire, indicates that the tire is a radial structure, which means that it is in the form of plies in the tire are arranged radially in the body.

"B" indicates the tire is of bias construction, car tires bias current structure no longer exists.

"16" indicates the rim diameter (in inches), this must match the 16-inch tire rims, or can not be installed.

"89" indicates the load index: This tire maximum load of 580 kg. Different load index represents a different maximum load.

"H" represents the speed level: This tire a top speed of 210 km / h. Different letters indicate different speed levels.

Top speed speed code(km/h)
M 130
N 140
P 150
Q 160
R 170
S 180
T 190
U 200
V 210
W 240
X 270
Y 300
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