pay attention to the following aspects when use anti-skid chains
Use anti-skid chains should pay attention to the following aspects:
1.Best fitted snow chains before travel well, but do not install in the face of snow and ice, as temporary parking install snow chains than earlier installation trouble, is not conducive to safety. Installation and removal of vehicles parked in front to the safety zone. As a busy road, you need to set the necessary traffic warning signs.
2.Do not install snow chains in case of a flat tire.
3.Snow chains also have size limits, respectively, for different wheel sizes and tire width, wheel size attention to the selection and matching chains.
4.After installing snow chains, travel speed is generally not more than 40Km / h, and note possible, avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration.
5.When vehicles on the road without the use of snow chains please shed snow chains.
6.Snow chains are not for trailers, tractor design.
7.In cold areas, some owners homemade snow chains, so although you can temporarily solve the problem, but not worth promoting.

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